Mickias Endashaw (Mickey)

Mickias Endashaw (Mickey) is a product of Ethiopian Evangelical Church. Mickey was born and raised up by the church and its community, as the son of Senior Pastor Endashaw & his wife Genet. Mickey went to Colorado State University and there realized his calling for ministry. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, he committed to going to Denver Seminary to pursue a Master’s in Divinity and also began to work on staff with EECD in 2016. Mickey’s passion is that people would come to know God in his fullness, in both spirit and truth. Mickey believes that as people come to know God, they will change the world and be messengers of the kingdom on the earth. One of the passions that Mickey has is for the youth to take hold of the love of God they have learned from their parents and build on that foundation while looking for ways to share with others that same love in their schools and to the world.