We will submit to the Word of God, which is the authority over all.


Believing that it will bring a difference in our community, we will lead daily lives of forgiveness reflecting God’s forgiveness that we have received through Christ.

Accountability and Transparency

Whether in private or in public, before God and before our fellow mankind, we will be accountable for our actions. As children of light, we will strive to be transparent in all we do.

Hard Working

Our respect for work, whether in at church or in our personal lives, will be tireless.


Avoiding gossip and other harmful behaviors, we will strive to be one in spirit so that we can fulfill the vision we have received.


We will obey that leaders whom God has given to us.


Believing that the family is an institution established by God, we will nurture it to flourish and thrive in the purity and design God intended.


We will strive to grow individually and as a congregation.

Active Participation

We will build a culture of participation to encourage believers to actively involve in the work of the church.


We teach that an individual and his or her opinion is to be respected.